Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tangled in the nets

Crane Fly.  Canon S120
16th September 2016

Most flying insects seem to cope well with the net curtains, but the crane flies, with their spindly legs, seem to get tangled in anything, the net curtains provide quite a challenge.

I did wonder if this crane fly was also waiting for a really big spider to come and pay a visit too.

Strong Veins

Bramble leaf.  Canon D7000
15th September 2016

The blackberry leaf has started showing interesting patterns again.   It does it every year which hopefully is just a sign of Autumn, rather than some mineral deficiency.

Textures: Wispy

Seed heads.  Nikon D7000
14th September 2016

Today I was looking for some textures to photograph.  

This morning, I captured some rather fun clouds, and later found some fine seed heads.

I decided that a "Wispy" theme had developed.

Morning Clouds.  Canon S120

Pesky Peckers

Pecked Fig.  Nikon D7000
13th September 2016

Although there are now lots of figs on the fig trees, the birds seem to think that the fruit all belong to them.

They like to leave their mark by trying each and every ripe fig by taking a few pecks, but then deciding they prefer strawberries after all!

A quick trim and a wash, and the figs taste the same to me though.

Fresh Nuts

Hazel Nuts.  Nikon D7000
12th September 2016

The hazel tree at the bottom of the garden is starting to bear its fruit.    I thought we may not get much, but the nuts must have been hiding in the leaves.

The mix of rain and shine over the summer looks to have swelled the kernels rather well.

Yum :)

Fresh Greens

Frog.  Canon S120
11th September 2016

Stumbling through the undergrowth in the veg plot today, I very nearly trod on a frog.

It is only a few inches long and most likely to be one that has spent the summer growing up in our pond.

Memory Fault

ZX Spectrum game loading.  Canon S120
10th September 2016

On a visit to the loft this morning, I uncovered a box containing my old Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Given Alex is of a similar age to when I had the Spectrum, I thought it would be fun to experience a 'blast from the past'.

Luckily the TV in the dining room still had a UHF input and could tune into the Spectrum output.

The belt in the tape player however was showing its age of about 30 years or so, but a more 'modern' tape player and an amplifier got something loading.

Some of the simpler smaller games loaded up and ran, but nothing of the more 'sophisticated' programmes ran properly unfortunately.

After a few hours of listening to the screech of the files loading, I investigated a bit deeper into why very little was working still.

Sadly it looks as if some of the memory chips in the higher banks of RAM may have not stood the test of time :(

We did manage to get a few of the splash-screen pictures from the games to load though, which at least amused us both!