Thursday 22 May 2014

Snakes, Sand and Next Stop America

Snakes head Fritillary.  Nikon D7000
 14th April 2014

Dad has managed to grow a Fritillary in his garden this year; they bring rather a nice splash of colour to any garden corner.

We had a good morning out on the beach too; the kids like the space at Fresh-Water West and also cannot resist having yet another quick look for Shell Cottage and Dobby's grave.

Alex did what most young boys seem to enjoy and spent time writing in the sand.  It was Liz however that drew the traditional pictures of meat and two veg.

The Winter storms have stripped back the sand by many feet in depth, revealing both patches of the sunken forest, and also the remains of a trans-Atlantic cable!

Jo and Kids on the beach.  Nikon D7000

Alex practising his writing skills.  Nikon D7000

Trans-Atlantic Cable.  Nikon D7000

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