Saturday 2 February 2013

Broken Toes

Concrete Feet breaking up from the frost.
4"x5" negative, 55mm focal length pinhole camera,
f/190 for 25 minutes onto preflashed Ilford VC paper
as a negative through a yellow filter.
2nd February 2013

The sun came out today so I thought I would grab the chance to take some pinhole photographs.

I chose one of my old 4"x5" box cameras that I made a few years ago (it was looking lonely on the shelf).  

I set up the camera near to some concrete toes I made a few years ago; I tried a new mix of cement in an attempt to get a very white surface.   The mix has turned out to be porous and so the frost has blown the toes apart.

I used photographic paper as a negative and unfortunately, even though the sun was out, the exposure took 25 minutes.   It was quite windy at times and at some point during the exposure, the camera seems to have moved a fraction, blurring the image slightly.

I might try again if we ever have another sunny day...

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