Saturday 9 June 2012

Stones and Circles

Stone at Avebury.  Nikon D7000
9th May 2012

In comparison to the vile weather yesterday, today was bright and sunny, with just the remnants of the strong winds.

We took a trip to Avebury to walk the circle of stones.   There were many who had the same idea so finding a view of the stones and scenery without others in the picture was tricky.   The view was gorgeous however and the kids were pretty well behaved so all was good.

On the way back, we went via the White Horse at Uffington (which I still contend is really a rabbit) and walked up to just above the monument itself.

The view from the top down over Dragon Hill was spectacular, in particular someone (from the local pub by the looks of it) had tried their hand at making a crop circle; with a little more practice and a little less beer, they may manage something for aliens to be proud of!

Dragon Hill viewed from the White Horse
with a crop circle just beyond it. Nikon D7000

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