Sunday 21 July 2013

Landed Safely

Our plane after landing safely.  Fuji F10
20th July 2013

We booked our flight to Korea only a few days before Asiana Flight 214 crashed at San Fransisco.  

After checking our tickets, guess who we were flying with ....

I am not sure if the price of the flight would have been cheaper if we had booked the day after the crash, but the service was excellent and food was great.   It is always nice to land smoothly though and good to be home again.

Korean Cactus

Korean Fire Hydrant.  LG-400 phone
19th July 2013

I will put a separate page of Cactii of the world, but I found a new one to add to the collection today.

The fire hydrants in Korea are not the most spectacular, but the seem to have an 'attitude' as this one has its own personal cage to keep it in.


Daejeon city streets.  Fuji F10
18th July 2013

Seeing the shops around the city is rather interesting; the signs sit quietly in the day, preparing to be gaudy neon by night and I have no idea what the shops all are.

It is interesting to walk along, looking in the windows to see what goods are on sale behind the signs.

I must learn some Korean so that I can find the shops I want!

A shot in the dark

Toilet control panel.  Fuji F10
17th July 2013

The toilet in the hotel here in Korea is very high-tech.

Unfortunately, as I cannot read Korean, I have to rely on the pictures on the buttons.

The buttons do not seem to portray exactly what they do however; there is no picture of me bouncing off the ceiling after being struck abruptly by an ice cold jet of water,

There is no picture of me wincing with tears in my eyes after being dissected by the high-pressure water cutting tool,

Luckily there does not appear to be a button that is a 'proactive' cure for constipation - the symbol would probably be a little arm with the Korean for 'go fish' written underneath.

Now, I wonder what this button does ....

Making Hay

Bagged grass for silage.  Fuji F10
16th July 2013

The grass in the field has been cut and bagged for silage now; the path is clear, the nettles are gone and the pollen count has dropped locally.

Kane was very unsure of the outbreak of large black bags growing in the field though.

Colours: Shades of Purple

Yummy Tayberries.  Nikon D7000
15th July 2013

I managed to take a picture of these Tayberries before the blackbirds had scoffed them all.

They have now been 'rescued' ...

I just need to pick the pips out of my teeth now :)

Sunday 14 July 2013


Discarded shoes and toys.  Nikon D7000
14th July 2013

Today has not quite been as hot as yesterday; a little cloud has crept over to temper the sunshine.

The children have displayed sickening amounts of energy though by spending a significant chunk of the day bouncing on the trampoline.

I thought the discarded apparel by the edge of the trampoline looked quite lonely; if previous examples are to go by, the shoes could be left there for days until either Jo or I bring them in.

Sun Worship

Socks on the line.  Nikon D7000
13th July 2013

After a week of really cracking weather, the tumble drier is starting to feel unloved.

It has been churning clothes to get them dry every week for months; but no longer.

The line has seen a flurry of pegs and damp laundry recently and fingers crossed, there will be more days when we can save some cash on drying clothes.

The rise of the grasses

Grasses hiding abandoned car.  Fuji F10
12th July 2013

The abandoned car is disappearing once again this year.   Last year, it was mainly the horsetail that was hiding it; this time it is the grass.

At least being hidden for a few months, keeps the car safe from the local vandals.

Colours: Pink and Yellow

Rose.  Nikon D7000
11th July 2013

The yellow rose we have in the garden is starting to bloom now; it is a wonderful yellow with a splash of pink.

It probably smells great, but as I am allergic to roses, I will not go too close.

The Race

Aircraft Racing.  Fuji F10
10th July 2013

I am not sure where these aircraft were both heading, but they appeared to be having a race.

Unlike a car, aircraft do not stop suddenly (except when impacting the ground) and so the chances of one running into the rear of the others are slim.

I wonder who won?

Colours: Yellow and Red

Poppies and Rape growing together.  Fuji F10
9th July 2013

With the oil-seed rape being so late this year, the poppies have had a chance to grow.

This unusual sight of both poppies and rape in a field together was really quite a sight this evening.

A month late, but still smells great

Elderflower.   Nikon D7000
8th July 2013

The Elderflower is just coming into bloom now and smelling delicious once again.

The flowers were out much earlier last year, but over quite quickly.

With the extra warmth of the last few days, the scent is really strong.

Where did I put those hayfever tablets?

All frills

Frilly poppy.  Nikon D7000
7th July 2013

I am sure the poppies in the vegetable plot are getting frillier each year.   This flower was struggling to open due to its own divided petals.

We do not have many poppies this year; the cold spring did not seem favourable for their germination, but there may be hope later in the summer as the ground is warming nicely now.

The poppies do not seem to be any later this year, if anything, they are opening a little earlier.

Its Officially Summer!!!!

Barbeque, Nikon D7000
6th July 2013

The sun is shining, the air is warm and the barbeque is lit.

It is now officially summer :)

I placed the barbeque on the path far down the garden; the smoke still divided its time between surrounding our chairs, or heading into the house.

The burgers taste great though.

Who's been stealing my blackcurrants?

Blackbird caught in the act.  Nikon D7000
5th July 2013

My black currants are starting to look juicy, but seem to have been disappearing.   There has been a lot of purple bird poo on the patio too in the last few days, suggesting the thieves may have wings.

With the help of a small radar (a RAT-150, one of our latest products being developed ...) I managed to catch one of the varmints in the act.

Not content with just eating up the fallen berries, this blackbird was attempting to snatch them in flight!

Evening Sun

Sunset shining through bottle.  Nikon D7000
4th July 2013

The sunset this evening was very orange and rather pretty.

I noticed in the kitchen it was shining through the green glass of the bottle and making patterns on the wall.

The weather is picking up and hopefully we will have more days where we have the chance to see the sun set, rather than just sink deeper into the grey clouds.

Post and Gate

Gate and Post.  Fuji F10
3rd July 2013

I have been watching the Ivy grow slowly on this gate post over the last year.

I thought today that I would capture the post from the other side today, and take in the hinge on the gate too.

Looking at how much the ivy has grown in the lasy year, I do not think I will stand too long!

Talk to the hand

Liz and her Minions.   Fuji F10
2nd July 2013

Liz has been painting her nails again.   After a session of watching "Despicable Me", the yellow varnish came out and she now has her very own set of "Minions"

I doubt they will do the housework for her though, however Liz has been good with a vacuum cleaner on the carpets in the last few days.

Mrs Richmond arrives early

Pond Lilly.  Nikon D7000
1st July 2013

This Spring was so cold, all the plants seemed to be running at least a month late.

The water lilly, "Mrs Richmond", has been protected from some of the cold by sitting at the bottom of the pond.

Having had a year to establish, the first bloom opened today.

Compared to last summer which was dismal, Mrs Richmond, is two months earlier!

Sun vs. Television

Liz watching TV on the ipod in the sun.  Nikon D7000
30th June 2013

It is hard being a teenager and making choices.

Liz could not resist the lure of television today, but also the sun has appeared and started calling.

She found a solution to accommodate both today.

One is born every day

Roses.  Nikon D7000
29th June 2013

The few roses we have in the garden are starting to look lovely now.   The bush by the remains of the plum tree has sprouted suckers from below where the red rose has been grafted on.

Normally the suckers grow like mad at the expense of the wanted flowers, but both seem to be growing profusely here.

It does mean we have a much better display with the red 'cultivated' roses mixed in amongst the wild rose from the suckers.

We shall see how vigorous the suckers become over the summer, but I am inclined to leave them as long as possible.

Wet Legs

Wet Grass.  Fuji F10
28th June 2013

Walking back from the school today was not the most pleasant experience.   The grass has been growing well in the field and the rain today has made it all bow down over the path.

I had forgotten how good jeans are at absorbing water and how they go like wet cardboard....

Monday 1 July 2013

Colours: Red and Green Reprise

Strawberries. Nikon D80
27th June 2013

I noticed some more red and green contrasts today; luckily these ones will hopefully taste great too.

I have a little wire cover for this pair; the birds can see the fruit, but should not be able to peck at it :)

I just have to keep squishing those slugs though until they are both ripe.

It is longer than you think :)

Start of a set of distance markings on a road.  Fuji F10
26th June 2013

Today while walking along the lane, I noticed that it has been marked up ready for resurfacing.

Progressing up the lane from the 119 metre mark at the furthest extent, through the other apparently random numberings by potholes, I eventually came across the '00' mark at the start.

I thought it was customary when taking tests to draw a picture of an animal when you do not know the answer; such as a giraffe.

I think the mark is a typically male response to being let loose with a spray can and being told to draw pictures on the road.

Colours: Red and Green

Paper clips.  Fuji F10
25th June 2013

Something colourful and Abstract today.

I noticed that the pot of paper clips, that has nice partitions with different colours in, has become corrupt with the red section being defiled by a green paper clip!!!

After taking the image, I restored order by extracting the green clip and returning it to its own kind.

Peace and calm now.

The taste of peanut butter and string.

Loaded Mousetrap.  Nikon D7000
24th June 2013

I tolerate the rodents until they start to become destructive.

This little nipper has been quite successful in removing life from little furry creatures.

Peanut butter seems to be a real snap with the mice; although they are very adept at carefully licking it off the trap without triggering it.

The secret is to wrap thin string around the trigger plate and work the peanut butter into the string.   When the mouse has finished licking off what peanut butter it can, it gets greedy and tugs at the string :)


Athletes Foot

Concrete feet test sample.  Nikon D7000
23rd June 2013

My concrete test samples are starting to look pretty rough now.   They have been on the patio for a few years, being exposed to the elements to see how they fare.

This test was originally a cast of my toes, but in trying to make the concrete very white, I added an extreme amount of gypsum.

The cement was slightly porous and so the wet soaks in and the frost then blows apart the concrete.

I rather like the effect really; ever changing too.

I doubt you could get cream strong enough to cure it though :)

I'm Poor Little Buttercup...

Seagull that gets 'shot'.  Nikon D7000
22nd June 2013

It is the last day of the run of Trial By Jury and HMS Pinafore today.

In part of Pinafore, there is a scene where I have to play a very loud sound effect of a pistol shot, and then a seagull falls from the rigging in the theatre.

Although looking a little stuffed, when adjoined by a hand full of feathers falling from the ceiling, the poor bird looked the part.

The plays were great and well worth the long hours and effort setting up all the sound gear.

Wot No Sun?

Solargraph from December 21st to This evening.  Pinhole camera
21st June 2013

It is midsummers day and solargraph time again.    Today was sunny and put the top trace on the picture.

Shame about the end of February/ early March and also the end of April; there is a distinct lack of lines.... And I thought the last Winter image was sparse!

My poor, slow growing veg plot may have something to do with the lack of lines.