Thursday 1 January 2015

Long, Black and Tasty

Novel Grapes.   Canon S120
31st December 2014

Grapes are normally round in all axes, however these grapes are only round in two; in the 3rd axis they are decidedly elongated.

I am not quite sure what they look like, but they certainly taste really good.  Often 'fancy' food sacrifices the taste, but not these.

Long Frost

Hoar Frost.  Canon S120
30th December 2014

The last few days it has not ventured above freezing outside.   This morning the frost spikes have grown well and are giving a covering that looks more like snow.

The weather seems to be warming however so I do not think it will last much longer.


Frozen buds.   Nikon D7000
29th December 2014

The buds on the cherry tree have formed nicely, but today they have been in a frozen and suspended state waiting for Spring to arrive.

It has not been very cold so far this Winter, but last night got down to -5!

Kissing Time

Tree laden with Mistletoe.  Canon S120
28th December 2014

As we drove back up through France today, there was tree after tree laden with Mistletoe.

Some of the host trees must be really struggling under their load.  

I assume the French do not revere Mistletoe in the same way as we do in the UK so it stays in the trees.

Not Halloween

Pumpkin on a wall.  Nikon D7000
27th December 2014

We had a walk down to the village today to buy bread.   On the way I noticed there was a lone pumpkin sat on a garden wall.

At first I thought it may have been a carved remnant from Halloween, but it just seems to have been abandoned to the elements.

I doubt it will last until next Halloween.

Sand and Sandwich

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich.  Nikon D7000
26th December 2014

Boxing day is a tradition of turkey sandwiches and a decent walk.   We combined the two today with the concept of 'sand'.

The sandwich was fab and worked well to provide sustenance for the trip to the beach.

The sun was well hidden behind cloud and it threatened to rain (it started just as we got back to the car), but it stayed pleasant for our walk.

The kids had fun hunting in the rock pools and there were a few dead sea creatures washed up which caused great delight :)

Liz and Leticia. Nikon D7000

Dead Monkfish.  Nikon D7000

Happy Christmas

Christmas Sprouts.  Canon S120
25th December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day when the sprouts finally get harvested and the peeling marathon begins.  

The turkey today was splendid too :)

Windmills in the mist

Windmill in the mist.  Nikon D7000
24th December 2014

This morning the mist was hanging low in the air.   There was quite a decent breeze though and the windmills were turning; they were just super difficult to see!