Friday 31 January 2014

Let there be light!

Gobo's for the Panto. Fuji F10
14th January 2014

In preparation for the town panto this year, I have been etching gobo's to put in the spot light.

Having all the equipment to make circuit boards does mean that etching holes in brass plate is not difficult, but I have a feeling these will not be the last ones I make for this show...   There may be a Tinkerbell needed and the pirate ship is decidedly fragile!

In keeping with a theme of light, a man came and put a new bulb in the street light at the bottom of the garden today :(

Man repairing street lamp :( Nikon D7000

Mental Blossom

Blossom.  Fuji F10
13th January 2014

I thought the blossom was out early last year, but it is obviously a quirk of this particular tree.

It is rather nice to see some flowers in January though and quite reassuring that Winter may not take hold this year at all, although a little snow would be fun...

Crossed Swords

Katies Swords.  Nikon D7000
12th January 2014

Katie was fencing in Reading today in the Southern region competition; despite being only 13, she entered into the adult section....

And came 2nd :)

Well done Katie!

Clear Sky (almost)

Starry Night.  Nikon D7000
11th January 2014

As it is not raining tonight, and also we have a nice dark garden due the street light at the end still being broken, I thought I would take some star pictures.

It was only after I took a few exposures that I realised the clouds were returning.

I quite liked the streaks these ones made however as they sped across the frame.

Pizza Friday

Katie's Pizza.  Nikon D7000
10th January 2014

There are some routines we have every week; Friday is Pizza night is one of them.

Today however we are having a slight change; Katie has made pizza at school.  Bolognaise pizza is not a topping we usually have, but I must say, it is particularly delicious.

Well done Katie!

Unwrapped for Christmas

Christmas tree in Oslo.  Fuji F10
9th January 2014

When I was here in Oslo in November 2012, these buildings were 'shrink wrapped'.

It looks like someone has finally opened it for Christmas!

Shrink-Wrapped Building, Nov 2012.  Fuji F11

Totally Trollied

Sea of trolleys.  Fuji F10
8th January 2014

At the airport today I happened across the largest collection of trolleys I have ever seen!

Either using trolleys has gone out of fashion, or someone seriously over-ordered!

Stream reprise

Overflowing Stream.  Fuji F10
7th January 2014

Although I thought the stream was full yesterday, the heavy rain overnight has filled it past its brim.

It was super soggy underfoot this morning.

I think Xena plans to spend the day on the sofa drying out :(

Rain rain go away

Very full stream.  Fuji F10
6th January 2014

In time for the kids going back to school, the rain has started.   The stream at the bottom of the field is flowing well and very full; much to full for even Xena to contemplate paddling in it.

The ground could do with more hard frosts to firm it up as it is starting to turn to a quagmire.

Flames in the Sky

Spectacular Dawn.  Fuji F10
5th January 2014

This morning we were greeted by a super spectacular sunrise; the sky was lit up like flames.

The scene did not last long however and it was soon all over before I could even get to the other cameras.

Colours: Orange

Flames.  Nikon D7000
4th January 2014

It has been a little colder today; cold enough to make it worth while lighting the fire.

I had forgotten how nice Winter can be when there is some wood burning in front of you :)

Back to the Attic

Fairy and lights.  Fuji F10
3rd January 2014

The Christmas Fairy is now looking happy that it does not have a tree rammed up its arse any more.
It seems to be looking forward to another 11 months in the loft.   We made an investment this year though in some LED lights so hopefully I will not have the hassle of finding which bulb has blown come December!

Pins and Needles

Needle fest.  Fuji F10
2nd January 2014

Although not 12th night yet, the tree has decided that the slightest touch will cause it to shed its load onto the carpet.

We decided that the tree was past its best and relegated it to the garden to dry out enough to burn on the fire.

It decided to get its own back!

The vacuum cleaner is looking very nervous right now.....

X marks the spot

The rise of the digital brain rotting tools.  Fuji F10
1st January 2014

It seems like technology is advancing faster than the true passing of time these days.

I thought for the first day of the new year, I would post something that has captivated the family for much of the Christmas period; not a board game or a traditional jigsaw, but bits, bytes and lit up piXels.

I have a feeling the rest of the year will follow a similar pattern....

Happy New Year anyway!