Saturday 25 July 2015

A quick Slash before a Kiss

Kiss on stage.  Canon S120
14th June 2015

Today was the last day of the Download festival.   The rain has not stopped, so we spent much of the day watching the up-and-coming bands in the tents.

Slash was great as usual and played all his classics from the Guns 'N Roses days, and Kiss rounded off the evening.   It was interesting to see them, but retirement may suit them better!

Slash.  Canon S120

More Mud.  Canon S120

Dodgy Dress Codes.  Canon S120

Mud and Music

Mud-fest.  Canon S120
13th June 2015

The rain has eased, but not stopped.  Walking is a touch slippy at times; especially around the loos :(

The music has been rather good; just a shame they put Marilyn Manson on at the same time as Muse, we had to slip and slide our way between them.
Marilyn Manson on stage.  Canon S120

A little Slipknot in the rain

Slipknot at Download.  Canon S120
12th June 2015

This evening we travelled to Donnington to the Download festival.  We were there in time for the performance by Slipknot, and also in time for the torrential Rain.

The band did joke that the festival should be renamed 'Downpour', fingers crossed for sun tomorrow...

Burst Balls

Muppet and ball.  Nikon D7000
11th June 2015

The sun was out, the sky was blue and Muppet's ball is now very flat.

He seems to prefer it this way as at least he can get it in his mouth.

He is in need of a trim again however.

Seeds in your teeth

Strawberries.  Nikon D200
10th June 2015

At last the strawberries are ripe enough to eat;

This one was very tasty :)

New Teeth

Keys.  Nikon D200
9th June 2015

Having had the doors replaced, all the old keys are redundant.   The new keys have decent fresh sharp teeth, unlike some of these old timers who are looking a bit worn now.

Black and White Keys.  Mamiya RB67, 90mm f22 17 seconds,
Ilford VC MGIV pre-flashed paper negative through yellow filter.

Figging Great

Figs.  Nikon D200
8th June 2015

Having been rather busy with work for the last few years, the fig trees have not been pruned.   The warm spring and then decent early summer has ensured that the enlarged trees are absolutely hanging with fruit.

All we need now is a decent end to the summer and the fruit will ripen.   I may get in a few more bog rolls ready :)