Saturday 23 April 2016

Dew on Wool

Wool.  Canon S120
18th March 2016

I passed a fence this morning that the sheep in the field had been rubbing against.   They had left tufts of wool on the barbs on the fence and the dew had soaked them overnight.

Post and Ivy

Post.  Canon S120
17th March 2016

While walking the dog this morning, I saw a post covered in ivy.   The low sun and a touch of frosty air had almost desaturated the image of all colours.   I gave it an extra helping hand as it looked better still in black and white.


Flower.  Nikon D7000
16th March 2016

The flowers in the dining room are blooming well.  I could not resist the mathematical spirals of the centre though.

Feeling the Strain

Strainer.  Nikon D7000
15th March 2016

The macro lens was still on the camera, so I captured some more abstract images of the kitchen utensils.  The sieve has multiple layers so that it can strain out fine particles, but have a nice strong structure too.

The multiple layers mean it is a bugger to wash though.

Sharp Holes

Grater, Nikon, D7000
14th March 2016

I broke out the macro lens today.   The light shining across the holes in the grater made some rather interesting abstract patterns.  

Double Daffs

Daffodils.  Nikon D7000
13th March 2016

As Spring progresses, the Daffodils are well out now, with a few starting to even go over!

This particular flower has a double bloom, not sure if that makes it last twice as long.

Ice and Mountains

Frozen Landscape.  Canon S120
12th March 2016

On the flight home today, the weather was clear for much of the time and the views were spectacular.   The mountains and snow as we flew over Siberia were particularly impressive.

A Sucker for Noodles

Noodles.  Nokia 630
11th March 2016

My noodles today had extra wriggle.   Many chunks of sea creature are tricky to pick up with the  chopsticks, but the octopus noodles have extra bits which make them much less likely to slip away.


Thin Slices

Sushi, Nokia 630
10th March 2016

We went Japanese today.   There were lots of different colours and the selection was stunning.   I have not got the hang of dipping each chunk in the sauce without it falling apart though...  Reminds me of losing half a biscuit in my mug of tea.

Would you like Ice with that?

Fish. Canon S120
9th March 2016

There were lots of stalls at the food emporium today which had a 'fish' element to them.   This stall in particular had some very appetising tuna.  The pieces on display had at least been cooked around the edges.

Beef and Garlic

Barbeque.  Canon S120
8th March 2016

Tonight we had a good meal out with a Korean barbeque.   The beef was very tasty (especially when eaten with a little red bean paste and a hunk of Kimchi).   The roasted garlic cloves have a life of their own, and will repel vampires at 40 paces :)