Sunday 10 July 2016

Planning a spin

Gears.  Nikon D7000
27th May 2016

As the fruit in the garden ripens, I am prototyping another bird scarer.   The gearbox is proving a little tricky however, with reliable alignment of the gears proving tricky.

When it does work, the sheer noise of the motor spinning is enough to scare anything, let alone needing the rest of the scarecrow.

Food for slugs and snails

Hostas.  Nikon D7000
26th May 2016

The Hostas have grown well at the back of the pond, but the damp weather for the last few weeks have helped the slugs and snails move around.

There are plenty of holes already, but I am expecting even the usual lacework that results may even get eaten.


Buttercups.  Canon S120
25th May 2016

As Spring morphs into summer, the fields around have been turning yellow with buttercups.

I like yellow, so the shiny leaves are just my bag.


Horse.  Canon S120
24th May 2016

I spotted this horse as I walked the dogs this morning.  It seemed to be taking its time getting ready for the day.

Seems like it has the right idea.

Watering eyes and smelly fingers

Garlic and Onion.  Canon S120
23rd May 2016

The size of the garlic makes the onion look small.  The garlic we normally have is in quite modest cloves, but our current stash is constructed from huge chunks.

It still all makes your eyes water and fingers smell just the same though.