Sunday 13 October 2013

Going Nuts Again

Hazelnuts from the garden.   Nikon D80
10th October 2013

We planted the hazel tree not long after we moved into the house.   The last few years, the crop of nuts has been quite reasonable.

This year I have been diligent in collecting them as they fall; I seem to have beaten any mice to them this year and it has been quite some time since I last saw a squirrel.

Now where are the crackers....

Autumn Pink

Rose just opening.  Fuji F10
9th October 2013

Despite being allergic to roses, I do rather like the shape of the flowers, especially just as the buds are opening.

I am always amazed at how they start flowering in the late spring, yet can go all through until the frosts get really hard in the Winter.

There is not much else that is pink this time of year either.

Black and shiny

Last picking of blackberries.  Nikon D80
8th October 2013

With the harvest being a bit late this year, I am making the most of what blackberries are still around.

We have some windfall apples in the garden, so it looks like apple and blackberry crumble is on the menu for supper :)

Conkers Bonkers

Conkers.  Fuji F10
7th October 2013

Autumn is definitely here when the conkers are ripe and ready for raising bruises along the forearm of anyone willing to accept a challenge.

To pickle, bake or soak in glue, the art of cheating at conkers always seemed like part of the fun.

I wonder what interesting solutions I have in the garage that may harden up these beauties....

Red at last

Ripe Tomatoes,  Nikon D80
6th October 2013

At last, some of the tomatoes have managed to turn red enough to be considered ripe!

Time to plan a salad....

Another day, another A380

A380 in the rain.  Fuji F10
5th October 2013

It is time to return back to the UK again today.   Like most mornings I have been here in Singapore, it is raining again.

Although the A380's I have flown on recently have had a bit more space than other aircraft, it is still a 13 hour flight to endure....

Tree ferns, ferns in trees

Ferns growing in trees.  Fuji F10
4th October 2013

The high humidity and perennial wet here in Singapore means that the vegetation is lush and grows anywhere and everywhere.

There are flowers and vines hanging from the bridges that cross the road, there is moss on walls, and there are ferns growing along the branches of the trees.

The trees do not seem to mind however.

Baa, I think.

? .  Fuji F10
3rd October 2013

I wondered if it was just the jet lag scrambling my brains, or the continued suffering from the aftermath of the Aussie Flu last week, or the long days teaching.

I still have no idea why there was a sheep or what Batter Fluffy Flaps means!

Peanuts, Lights and Bridges

Peanuts at Raffles Long Bar.  Fuji F10
2nd October 2013

After a hard day teaching, we headed for the bar this evening.   Being tea-total, I did not go for a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in Raffles, but I did eat the peanuts however :)

I do like the civilised approach of just lobbing the shells on the floor too.

The marina bay at night looks even more mental than in the day; the badly moored ship on the top of the hotel tower blocks has a laser show at random times too.

The lights under the bridge are pretty though; I may be getting a handle on this abstract photography after all!   The top of the bridge is quite mental at the moment though as all the crash barriers are still in place from the Singapore Grand Prix last week.

Lights at the Marina.  Fuji F10

Lit Bridge.  Fuji F10


Sandy beach.  Fuji F10
 1st October 2013

Today we managed to have a quick stroll down to the beach before the sun set.

Given the extreme amount of shipping anchored just off shore, I thought that swimming was not a good idea.

A peer into the murky depths did reveal all sorts of items floating in the tide that had probably been pumped overboard from the tankers and cargo ships.

Coconut with shipping in the distance.  Fuji F10

Windy evening.  Fuji F10

Hotel Windows

View from hotel window.  Fuji F10
30th September 2013

Today was a very long day.  It was dark by the time we were back at the hotel and the local neons were lit.

Not a very inspiring sight from the hotel, but at least it is not a brick wall this time.

Smells like ....

Durian Fruit at the market.  Fuji F10
 29th September 2013

I saw a stall with interesting fruit today as the local market was being set up.   I approached to take a picture, but instinctively stopped to check my shoes to see what I had stepped in.

Apparently Durian tastes fantastic, however the comment was from someone whose opinion of the smell of blue cheese is akin to my take on the Durian.

How tastes of cultures differ!

There are other great sights in Singapore too; a classic cactus, a really badly parked ship, and stunning colours at night.

Singapore Cactus.  Fuji F10

Bad Mooring.  Fuji F10

Clark Quay at night.  Fuji F10

After a good home

Depressed Fish.  Fuji F10
28th September 2013

In continuing the fish theme of yesterday, I found two rather contrasting fish here in Singapore.

They both looked rather depressed as the tank was not very big.

Luckily for them, they were in a pet shop, rather than a restaurant!

Catch of the day

Erect Fish.  Fuji F10
27th September 2013

My meal at the airport this evening was quite a startling sight.

I assumed fillets of fish were meant to be free of bones.

The placement of the lemon does not help either.


Gate latch.  Fuji F10
26th September 2013

I thought I would look for an abstract picture today.  I found this gate latch that seems to have alignment issues.  

I wondered if the combinations of all the straight lines, and then just the few round elements would make for an interesting image.

I was very wrong!   I need more practice at this abstract lark still....

Footprints of a Gastropod

Snail Trails.  Nikon D7000
25th September 2013

This morning the light was reflecting off the shiny trails left by one of the snails in the garden.   I am always amazed that given the amount of slime and goo gastropods leave behind as they move, they do not dehydrate before they reach anywhere useful.

The meandering of the trail shows that the creature was either lost, or drunk.

Messy Webs

Messy Spider web.  Fuji F10
24th September 2013

The classic orb-spider web is normally what makes the cut when it comes to spider web picture selection; the concentric rings and sticky droplets always make for an enchanting image.

Today I thought that the less delicate webs of some of the other spiders we have should be captured.

I still find that no matter how tidy the web is, if I walk into it in the morning, the same arm-flapping and mild panic procedure still ensues.

Autumn Creeping In

Creeper changing to Autumn colour.  Fuji F10
23rd September 2013

There has been a few chilly mornings, enough to start the turn of the leaves into their Autumn hues.

Hopefully the wind will stay calm so that there is chance for a good display to build.

Blushing at last

Tomatoes ripening at last!  Nikon D7000
22nd September 2013

There is an off-green colour starting to appear in the garden at last.  Most years I plant tomatoes and they grow slowly and the ripening process is pretty much turning directly from green into black and furry.

This year is showing promise though, some of the tomatoes look like they may attempt a shade of red before they go black and furry!

Fingers crossed.

Monday 7 October 2013

Colours: Red, green and yellow.

Peppers waiting to be cooked.  Fuji F10
21st September 2013

It is nice to be home again.   I thought that a colourful picture today may help me fight off the jetlag.

It has not worked :(

Who's the Daddy?

Crane Fly or Daddy Long Legs.  Fuji F10
20th September 2013

Its that time of year again when the Crane Flies (or Daddy Long Legs here in the UK) start to lumber around and get caught up in spiders webs, hair, clothing, or anything else that can cause a nuisance.

I am sure they make good food for lots of birds, but Xena also likes to give them a chew if she can catch them.

It is the early bird that catches the plane.

Sunrise at the airport.  Fuji F10
19th September 2013

A far too early start this morning was necessary to get all 34 hours of travelling in... grim.

The sun was rising as I was boarding the plane.   I think I saw my bag get loaded too ....


Sunset.   Fuji F10
18th September 2013

This evening we went for a final walk along the beach to see the sun set behind the trees.

The water, sand and trees set a nice scene, with a lovely golden hue.

The sand was very interesting to walk on in places too; there are lots of small crabs that live in the sand and as they dig their burrows, they roll the sand into small pellets and scatter them around the entrance hole.

The thousands of crabs had left a layer of the small sand pellets which meant it was like walking across a luxury carpet.
Sand pellets.   Fuji F10

Marina and the Ants.

Lighthouse at the Marina.   Fuji F10
17th September 2013

We had a wonderful stroll around the Marina today.   There are some rather expensive looking boats moored there, and a few more 'realistic' working vessels which was very nice to see.

The old lighthouse definitely seems redundant; given the amount of lighting that was visible in the Marina area when the aircraft came in to land a few days ago, no ships should have trouble in avoiding the shore.

There was a deceased Gecco in the garden yesterday too.   The local ants have found it now and are doing there best to recycle it...

I had better keep moving and not stand too still taking pictures or I may be next!

I think Maxi may have seen the ants too, but she showed she could be persuaded to sit still on the beach.

Gecco and the ants.   Fuji F10
Maxi sitting still on the beach.  Fuji F10

A walk at the beach

Airlie Beach.   Fuji F10
16th September 2013

Today was beach day.   We had a trip up the coast to Airlie beach where the weather was nice, and when the tide came in, the beach looked good.    The tide was out when we first arrived and the strip of sand gave way to mud and rocks, which were not quite so appealing.

I spent time marvelling at the bathing instructions. For a nervous Pom like me, the thought of phrases such as 'if the victim is conscious' makes me want to keep my socks on while paddling.

The dog seemed to enjoy a splash in the surf this morning however.

Safety sign. Fuji F10
Maxi soaking up the sand.  Fuji F10


Nice old architecture.   Fuji F10
15th September 2013

Today I had a walk around the town with my camera.   There is quite a selection of nice 'old' buildings, some decent graffiti, and a good selection of cactii.

Graffiti, Fuji F10
A very 'functional' Cactus.  Fuji F10
It is quite hot though still ...