Thursday 22 October 2015

Abstract: Lamp shade

Lamp shade.  Canon S120
12th September 2015

I saw a small lamp shade today that made some fascinating patterns of light; it is a woven basket structure.

I also noted that the crossing strands of the structure itself were also rather fun.

Starting to wrinkle

Elderberries. Canon S120
11th September 2015

The trees at the bottom of the garden are still hanging with Elderberries.   As Autumn is starting to arrive properly, the fruit are also beginning to fade.

The chickens seem to be very happy at the rain of juicy black fruit, although they have to compete with the blackbirds and robins for them.

Selfie in Coffee

Reflection in coffee pots.  Canon S120
10th September 2015

I did not intend to take a selfie; it was the rows of highly polished coffee pots for sale that caught my attention.

I later saw that each pot had me in it, but all from a different angle.

The fashion of selfies has passed me by and it is really not my scene, but just to annoy the kids who see taking irrelevant mugshots as their preserve, it has to be done occasionally.

Gate to nowhere

Lonely Fence.  Canon S120
9th September 2015

There is a building site opposite the hotel which has quite a long way to go before completion.   There are some parts however which seem to be already finished, but quite out of context.

I first thought that these were gates, but later realised it is a fence; there is no indication that any other gates or parts of fences will ever be built nearby and these pieces of ironwork may be just left lonely in the road.

I did notice that they are no the only odd isolated pieces of fencing in the area, so it may be a local design feature.

Advertising by Pictures

They look like Pringles.  Canon S120
8th September 2015

No matter what the language, some brands have hit the advertising nail square on the head.

Just one look at the logo on this can means I can be pretty sure that it contains those curved crisps made from recycled potato peel........ I just cannot remember what they are called...

Evening Palm

Date Palm.  Canon S120
7th September 2015

The days are hot here, and so are the evenings.   This palm tree is devoid of any dates at the moment, but many still have clusters of the brown fruit at their crown.

I did wonder if in the evening there would be a smell of dates, but really the heat just seems to have seared my sense of smell.

Strange but Tasty

Odd looking lobster.  Canon S120
6th September 2015

Today I came across a rather unusual creature; it is some sort of lobster, but a very ugly one.

It tasted fine however :)
:) Canon S120

Sunday 18 October 2015

Colours: Yellow

M&M Shop in Dubai airport.  Canon S120
5th September 2015

While travelling to Saudi Arabia today, I realised that there was lots of 'yellow' around.   In the M&M sweet shop at Dubai airport, there was a huge statue of a yellow M&M.

I then found a fancy-dress cactus all clad in yellow to capture too :)
fancy dress cactus, Canon S120

Fading Fast

Fading thatch, Canon S120
4th September 2015

The old thatched house at the end of the field is looking very sad these days.

The thatch is falling away fast.   The building is just waiting now for planning permission to be sorted so the owners can flatten it and fill the small plot with faceless shoe-box houses.

The roof may only really have a few months left though; if it has not been demolished before the winter, it will not need much weight of snow to make it all collapse.

Colours: Purple

Slows.  Canon S120
3rd September 2015

As Summer just starts to give way to Autumn, the local fruits are ripening well.

The slows look really good this year and are huge on many of the bushes.

Not being able to drink, slow Gin is a bit pointless, so I just have to admire their colours.

Herring Bone

Steamer Basket lid, Nikon D200
2nd September 2015

I thought I would try something a little more abstract today.

I found the pattern of herring bone weaving on the top of the steamer basket was rather fun.

Brown and wrinkly and ripening by the kilo

Figs, Nikon D200
1st September 2015

The figs really have gone crazy!   With care and a pair of thick gloves, I got the ladder out and picked all the ripe figs (with loads left to come).  This heap of figs is what is left after Jo used 2 Kilos of them to make fig jam!

I just wish I could eat the jam but there is way too much sugar :(