Sunday 23 December 2012

Done Reading

Glasses.  Nikon D7000
19th December 2012

It is sad but as I have got older, I have had to admit defeat and now have to wear reading glasses (boo!)

I have two pairs; +1 for reading, and +3.5 for looking at the ground glass of the view cameras with.

I left the +1 sticker on this pair so that I could tell which glasses I had picked up.

I was made to peel the sticker off a few days ago as I was going to be wearing the glasses in public.

I have just realised why I left the sticker on as I accidentally put the +3.5's on and could not see my feet, so nearly fell over.  

Some nice pink framed glasses in Dame Edna style may be the solution to telling the difference ....

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