Sunday 27 January 2013

Its Behind You!

Alice In Pantoland.  Nikon D7000
26th January 2013

The last week has been hectic as I have been the sound and lighting man for this years Pantomime: "Alice in Pantoland".

This year saw a few more technical challenges than previous years, with up to 9 radio mics running at a time and two lighting desks (digital and analogue); the desire to become an octopus and grow some extra arms has been quite strong at times.   The shows went well though with only minimal issues of blown lamps in the lanterns or flat batteries in microphones.  The playwright for the production this year was a junior member of the cast.  She did a superb job and had all the classic Panto elements in the script.

I thought a picture that summed up the slapstick and cross-dressing that makes Panto so unique was only fitting.  Well done Elli !

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