Monday 7 October 2013

Marina and the Ants.

Lighthouse at the Marina.   Fuji F10
17th September 2013

We had a wonderful stroll around the Marina today.   There are some rather expensive looking boats moored there, and a few more 'realistic' working vessels which was very nice to see.

The old lighthouse definitely seems redundant; given the amount of lighting that was visible in the Marina area when the aircraft came in to land a few days ago, no ships should have trouble in avoiding the shore.

There was a deceased Gecco in the garden yesterday too.   The local ants have found it now and are doing there best to recycle it...

I had better keep moving and not stand too still taking pictures or I may be next!

I think Maxi may have seen the ants too, but she showed she could be persuaded to sit still on the beach.

Gecco and the ants.   Fuji F10
Maxi sitting still on the beach.  Fuji F10

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