Friday 6 March 2015

Squeaky Boards

Water pipes under the floor.  Canon S120
15th February 2015

A few years ago I ran Ethernet cables around the house, but stopped short of going across the landing to the kids bedrooms.   It wasn't that I did not want them with internet, it is just I knew it meant ripping up floorboards and would be a sod to do.

Liz has been nagging for quite some time, so this weekend I gave in.  It also meant that I could sort out the squeaky boards and nails that have worked their way up through the carpet.

Under the floor was just as hideous as last time the boards were up!   With a few more holes drilled and some swearing, the cable was laid in.

Muppet has taken a liking to the carpet underlay however and had a shredding session....

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