Tuesday 14 April 2015

Big Apple

Apple tree.  10"x8" camera, 300m lens.  f/45, 12 seconds.
Ilford VC paper negative through yellow filter.
10th March 2015

The sun came out today, and most importantly, the wind dropped to nothing.

I decided to break out a view camera.

I must get around to reloading some film holders; I have only the 10" x 8" loaded at the moment.

I looked and it is well over 2 years since I last used the 10x8, so thought today would be a good one as it would not blow around.

The image of the apple tree came out well, and at 100Mpixels, takes a fair bit of hard-drive space!

The 10" x  8" riding a tripod again.  Canon S120 

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