Wednesday 17 June 2015

Poly Orchids

Orchid petal. Nikon D7000
22nd May 2015

The Orchid in the kitchen is in flower at the moment.  The bright purple blooms are spectacular with the evening sun shining through them.

There have been other bright purple orchids in the house too. When Muppet went hunting melon in the chicken pen, it seems he caught his nuts on the fence as he jumped over.

They are now swollen and he looks like Buster Gonad from Viz!

The vets laughed but he now has cream to be applied, and of course the obligatory collar of shame :)

He is getting used to it slowly.
Orchid. Nikon D7000

Muppet with a cone of shame.  Nikon D7000

Muppet can at least catch a bottle now!  Nikon D7000

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