Sunday 23 August 2015

The sound of rope slapping your mast

Yachts.  Nikon D200
6th July 2015

Alex has been doing water activities with the scouts for the last few weeks.  

While waiting to collect him this evening, I stood by the row of yachts.   As I child living by the sea, I have hazy memories of the sound of yachting; as the wind blows, the steel cables for the sails slap against the mast and create a rhythmic 'ting' 'ting' 'ting' sound.

Well, more like incessant 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' 'ting' 'ting 'ting' ...

I am glad he did not take too long to get changed.

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