Tuesday 18 October 2016

Memory Fault

ZX Spectrum game loading.  Canon S120
10th September 2016

On a visit to the loft this morning, I uncovered a box containing my old Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Given Alex is of a similar age to when I had the Spectrum, I thought it would be fun to experience a 'blast from the past'.

Luckily the TV in the dining room still had a UHF input and could tune into the Spectrum output.

The belt in the tape player however was showing its age of about 30 years or so, but a more 'modern' tape player and an amplifier got something loading.

Some of the simpler smaller games loaded up and ran, but nothing of the more 'sophisticated' programmes ran properly unfortunately.

After a few hours of listening to the screech of the files loading, I investigated a bit deeper into why very little was working still.

Sadly it looks as if some of the memory chips in the higher banks of RAM may have not stood the test of time :(

We did manage to get a few of the splash-screen pictures from the games to load though, which at least amused us both!

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