Monday 10 September 2012


Russets.  5x7 view camera,
210mm G-clarion enlarger lens
onto pre-flashed Kenthene VC paper negative
through a yellow filter.
9th September 2012

As the weather was nice, I unwrapped my home made 5"x7" view camera again today;  I can only use it in nice weather as I made the bellows out of paper and I do not want them to go soggy!

I thought as the Russet tree is loaded with apples this year (a first, we normally only get a few from it), I would capture the moment of having two apples in close proximity.

The texture of the skin and the limited spectral response of the photographic paper I used for the negative makes the apples and leaves have a rather interesting 'metallic' look to them.

I think this may be a good candidate for a carbon print....

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