Friday 28 September 2012

The Difference a Year Makes

Car in Horsetail and grass today.  Fuji F11
28th September 2012

I have been watching and waiting for a few months now to capture today's picture.   It was a little tricky as I could not remember where I stood exactly one year ago today, but I had a go at a 'then and now' sequence.

The old abandoned car was much more visible this time last year, although it appears that since July, the incessant rain has battered down some of the undergrowth!

Car in Horsetail and grass exactly one year ago today.  Fuji F11
I had great difficulty trying to crop the image to the same dimensions; with not much of the car visible or the posts in the field, it was really tricky and  mostly guess work!

Given how much rain we have had, I suppose there is also the possibility that the car has sunk into the mud :)

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