Friday 9 November 2012

Magic Balls

Alex's magic trick.  Nikon D7000
7th November 2012

Alex has a magic trick of 'find the ball' that we all know how to do now (and I bet you could guess the secret ...).   I had one too as a child, but mine was orange.

I remember showing everyone the trick whenever an opportune occasion arose.

There was also one April Fools day where beforehand, I trained my Father into the art of making the ball disappear.  On the morning of the special day (it was a Saturday), I gave the trick to my dad so that he could show mum for 'April Fools'.   Being the weekend, they were having a lie in.  What dad did not realise until it was too late, I had filled the trick with water :)

With hindsight, how the trick never got stuffed up my arse by irritated victims I do not know.

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