Friday 9 November 2012

New Life.

Broken Canberra Model.  Nikon D7000
9th November 2012

I have been slowly clearing my desk at work in stages so that I do not have too much to do in the last few days before I leave next month.

Under a 'carefully organised' heap of paper and books, I uncovered my old Airfix Canberra model.

The model started life back in 1996 when I needed something to help me visualise 3D geometry.  When combined with a set of 'world axes' which were made from the metal strips from the folder hangers from a filing cabinet, the relative positions of missiles and targets could be determined and the rotations needed to model their flight paths worked out.

The Airfix model has been so useful for helping explain concepts to students over the years too, the model has migrated up and down the stratification layers on my desk.

As a consequence of so much use, it has seen better days and is in quite a sorry state now.   I think the tail fin is still buried on my desk somewhere, but when I find it, I think I may glue it back together and hang it from the ceiling to preserve it.  The set of 'world axes' are still on my desk, but the Sellotape has lost its sticky and they are looking to be in an even more sorry state than the Canberra.

I wonder what else I may find lurking in my desk too....

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