Sunday 17 February 2013


Weeds.  Half-Plate view camera, f/16 for 8 seconds
through a yellow filter onto pre-flashed
Ilford VC paper as a negative
through 210mm enlarger lens.
15th February 2013

I managed to get into the garden for a little while today.  The ground is still saturated, but at least the sun was out.

I found a half-plate sized film holder while tidying the study later that I had loaded with some photo paper for a negative a few years ago; I thought it was time it saw some photons.

The weeds that had started to grow and were now dehydrating seemed like a nice stationary subject as even though it was bright outside, it still needed an 8-second exposure.

The big advantage of using large format film is that even a low-res scan of the negative yielded a 44 MPixel image, which gives plenty of scope for cropping out smaller regions of interest.
Crop of the nettle leaves.  Half-plate camera.

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