Saturday 15 June 2013

Going a bit Harry Potter

Cloisters at Lacock Abbey.  Nikon D7000
9th June 2013

We had a fab day out at Lacock Abbey today.   It always seems very appropriate to visit one of the birthplaces of photography.   It was March 2010 when we were last here, but not much has changed.

Lacock Abbey was where Henry Fox-Talbot experimented with light-sensitive paper and managed to make the first camera negative and then make a print from it; a key development.

The cloisters and some of the rooms were used in the filming of the  many installments of the Harry Potter films too.  We are not making a point of visiting Harry Potter filming locations, but we have been to two now!

The last picture I took of this corridor also had a push chair at the end by the door; if it is the same one, the kid must be able to walk by now!

Stereo Pinhole photograph from 25/3/2010.  View cross-eyed

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