Monday 1 April 2013

April Fools Day Toolkit

All you need for April Fools Day.  Nikon D7000
1st Day of Year 2
(1st April 2013)

It is often the simple products that are the most versatile.   When it comes to April Fools Day, a pot of Vaseline and a little imagination can make sure you are hated within the household.

We do not have any round door knobs anymore, and you do not need to go as far as a smear of Vaseline on the loo seat.   Liz took the hit this year with the smear of Vaseline around the rim of her mug of tea :)

She got Katie rather nicely though with a mug of hot chocolate that was really 50:50 cocoa powder and gravy granules; well done Liz but I shall remember that one for next year!   

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