Saturday 6 April 2013

Images of Images: Doodles

Doodle on the Chalk Board.  Nikon D7000
5th April 2013

Photography is about capturing an image of the patterns of light at a specific moment in time.   We consider images from a camera to be an accurate pictorial representation of the world around us.   As long as the image medium is preserved, the captured image is also permanent.

Drawing however can be much looser in nature and doodles are really the ultimate in minimalist expression of the structure of the world, phenomena and concepts within it.   They are often temporary and transient and may only exist for a short time period.

I realised when I saw the doodle that often with photography, there is so much detail in an image, it is easy to miss any 'messages' or concepts that were intended to be conveyed when the picture was taken.   I have been trying over the last year to capture images that are more self-explanatory and have only the elements within them that I was interested in at the time.

With doodles however, they are stripped to the essentials of the message; which often is far more than just pictorial and can capture the other senses too such as sounds and motion.   They rely on the brain spending most of its time filling in the missing details; unlike most photographs where most of the time the brain is filtering out extraneous details to find the message.

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