Sunday 14 April 2013


Twisty puzzles.   Nikon D7000
13th April 2013

I have realised that there is something buried very deep in the human psyche that craves challenges.

I was mad enough to set myself the challenge of taking a picture every day for a year, but I have never managed to do a Rubic's cube without resorting to help.

Peeling off the stickers is the most basic way, but a screwdriver is also very effective.  Using a book of instructions is least likely to do permanent damage, but takes much longer.

I think it is the OCD part of me that likes the cube to be sat in a neat ordered state, rather than just a demonstration of Entropy.  I am sure looking at a completed cube, knowing it was done without resorting to help, would be far more satisfying though.

I think I will just stick to taking photographs.

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