Wednesday 2 May 2012

And then there were two

Squirrel 'Notnick'.  Nikon D80
2nd May 2012

I had my nuts nibbled again today, but this time noticed that the rodent in question is not our regular visitor who I have called 'Nick'.  Nick is quite capable of lifting the lid on the peanut feeder which was cunningly designed to keep the squirrels off the rest of the bird food.  The squirrel Notnick however, has not figured out how to lift the lid on the feeder designed for it, so goes for the bird food instead.

The peanuts are in a wire cage for the birds so not easy to get at, whereas if it lifted the lid on the other feeder, it could fill its cheeks in seconds.

Squirrel 'Nick', named as it has a bit missing
from its left ear.  Nikon D80

It is looking as if Nick may be the clever one; although it is all relative....

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