Wednesday 30 May 2012

Delicate Fragrance

Wisteria.  Nikon D7000
30th May 2012

Life stood out on the patio is rather pleasant at the moment; made even more attractive by the delicate fragrance given off by the Wisteria.   It is taking its time to grow over the pergola, but at least we are getting flowers from it.

It has been a bit of an odd flowering year though as there has been a steady progression of bloom over the last few weeks.

The prolonged flowering has had the advantage that although the scent has not necessarily been as intense as if all the flowers were out at once, at least we have had a longer period of something that smells far better than my eldest daughters feet.  She seems to relish that she can induce choking to those who enter the living room.

The source of a not-so-delicate fragrance.  Nikon D7000

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