Thursday 31 May 2012

Strong Fragrance

Elderflower.  Nikon D7000
31st May 2012

In continuing the theme of 'scents', I have hunted around the garden, following my nose, and realised the Elder was coming into flower.

We have a couple of Elder trees; they are not the most pleasant in the world, but are ideal in the chicken pen. They grow quickly and have good leaf coverage so provide plenty of shade for the chickens.  The chickens also like eating the flowers if they can reach them (they can jump surprisingly high), but also go for the berries in the Autumn.

The scent of the flowers is also quite strong; the only down-side is that it is tricky to capture the Elderflower scent on its own without the backdrop of chicken sh*t.   The overall result rates higher on the 'pleasant' scale than the eldest's feet, but not by much.  Ho hum, I will keep hunting for better aromas ....

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