Thursday 24 May 2012

Hot Air

Hot air balloon. Nikon D7000
24th May 2012

This morning I had to drive to Derby for work so was expecting to be struggling to find a picture for today.  The weather was hazy to start with, but the sun soon broke through and the day turned into a scorcher.

I happened to stop just outside Derby and took the picture of the power station cooling towers below; they seemed to fit the hot and hazy mood of the day.

This evening however brought the best picture of the day; the balloon went nicely in range of a long lens and hung lazily in the sky so that I could get some sharp images.

The livery on the balloon always helps of course.... A tune sprang to mind ... "Hot Air on a G-string" I think it is called.

Cooling Towers outside Derby.  Nikon D80

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