Friday 30 August 2013

Holiday Day 12: Katie has her wish come true

Katie gets to stroke a Giraffe.  Nikon D7000
17th August 2013

We spent the morning today at Mervent Zoo.   Although it is not the largest of places, they have a really good selection with nice big enclosures for the large beasts.

They also have some of the locals in cages too; there is a petting area with lots of hungry goats (and an alpaca or two).   The donkey pen was opposite the goats; all the girls ignored the donkey and went straight for the 'cute' goats.

The donkey brayed in indignation so I promised it that I would put its picture on my blog.   We even managed to salvage some spilled popcorn for the donkey before the goats inhaled it all.

Alex managed to see a Wolf (in the huge enclosure with the bears) and Katie got her wish; she stroked a Giraffe.

Tiger prowling.  Nikon D7000

White tiger.  Nikon D7000

Green Lizard thingy.  Nikon D7000

Gratuitous Alpaca shot.  Nikon D7000

Jealous Donkey.  Nikon D7000

Lemur. Nikon D7000

Compare the Meerkat.  Nikon D7000

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