Sunday 4 August 2013

New Month, new chickens

Jalfrezi having a run around.  Nikon D7000
1st August 2013

A few days ago, Dory finally succumbed to old age and keeled over; she was at least 9 years old which is not bad for a chicken.

We have two new chickens now; they were not happy at standing still for the camera, so this is the best I got.

This is "chicken Jalfrezi" (yes in keeping with our "Chicken Tikka" and "Chicken Korma" naming system) and she is a Partridge Leghorn (white eggs hopefully).  We also have a Columbine which in theory lays blue eggs; she is rather fiery in nature so has been called "chicken Vindaloo".

Hopefully it will be omelette time soon!

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