Thursday 29 August 2013

Holiday Day 7: Dark and light

Fly stuck to the flypaper tube. 
Nikon D7000
12th August 2013

As ever in hot weather, the local insect population find time to breed in vast numbers.   The fly papers have had a good haul this year, one even managed to half escape, only to finally get thoroughly stuck to the side of the tube at the bottom.

Today is also meant to be a good time to see shooting stars; the Perseids.  

Tonight is clear and we have seen some, however when I put the cameras on tripods pointing to the heavens, all activity seemed to stop!

I did manage to capture one very weak one (1/3 from the left and 1/3 from the top of the image, click on the picture for a bigger view of it), hopefully the film camera did better.

Long exposure of stars with two aircraft and one shooting star.
Nikon D7000

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