Wednesday 28 August 2013

Holiday Day 5: Doing Nuthin

Cactus in a gimp suit.  Nikon D7000
10th August 2013

It has been nice doing 'nuthing in particular', which makes it feel like a proper holiday and a chance to unwind.

I took the camera and the dog for a walk this morning.   I was quite perturbed to notice that the wonderful Cactus (the very first I found; again, I must make a page of Cactii) has been replaced by a modern usurper!   This cactus seems to be constrained in a Gimp suit, which is rather distressing.

I was further dismayed to see that the local crop of sweetcorn is doing well; mine is only just reaching knee height back home.

The kids are all settling down well now though; Liz and Millie were displaying iconic teenager behaviour this evening with their heads buried in their phones, yet still able to express their opinions.

Sweetcorn doing well. Nikon D7000

Teenagers.  Nikon D7000

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