Saturday 15 March 2014

Dripping Sand

Egg Timer.  Fuji F10
5th February 2014

There are some technologies that once were common, but are being superseded at an increasing rate.   It is easy to think of the wired telephone and the wrist watch being replaced by mobile phones, film being replaced by digital photography; vinyl by tape, then CD, now downloads.

Although many technologies still have a role to play, such as the low cost of film for gigapixel images when compared to digital, the humble egg timer seems really quite lacking when compared to its digital (or even clockwork) counterparts.

The main feature it lacks is an alarm device to tell you when the time is up; it could be very easy to notice when the time is up.

Although it is quite mesmerising to watch those last few grains of time spin around in the glass and finally run out.

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