Sunday 30 March 2014

No throne, just a crown

Broken crown.  Fuji F10
24th March 2014

It is one of those weird sensations that I just hate; you eat your lunch and part way through, there is a loud 'click' and then something hard appears in your mouth that was not part of the original sandwich.

The feeling as you poke your tongue into the void where your tooth had just been is very disconcerting and it just feels plain wrong.

I hoped that having to get used to gaps amongst your teeth was a chore that was restricted to childhood, but it appears not.

It is not the first time this crown has detached itself, but this time the far side of it has also broken away and it is not looking good (i.e. it is looking expensive to fix!).   Bugger.

Postscript:   We think of being able to see the world with our eyes, but I am fascinated by the mental image we create in our brains of the structure of objects that we touch but cannot see.     I have a 'picture' in my mind of how the inside of my mouth is structured from just feeling around with my tongue; I can never really see properly the structure, even with multiple mirrors.   I am always amazed at how big objects seem to be when viewed using the tongue; the crown felt like a house brick in my mouth until I took it out and actually looked at it.  The structure seemed much more 3D when seen with my tongue than with my eyes!

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