Sunday 30 March 2014

Falling Recklessly

Fall Out Boy performing just in front of us.  Fuji F10
15th March 2014

We had a fun day out in Cardiff today.   The rugby was on and Wales stuffed Scotland, but we did not see the match; we went to a gig instead.

Katie was in her element as her favourite band Fall Out Boy were playing, supported by The Pretty Reckless, and a 'support of the support' by New Politics.

New Politics were very good, and then The Pretty Reckless were worth the ticket price alone.

The show by Fall Out Boy was superb and rounded off the evening very nicely.    We loitered near the back of the venue as at least Katie, Becks and Jo could see the stage over the crowds.    The girls were all rewarded however when we noticed a small stage was set up just feet in front of us.    The band decamped for a few songs and played right in front of us :)

We just need to figure out how to get out of the carpark in under an hour if we go to another gig there again!

The Pretty Reckless on stage.  Fuji F10

Fall Out Boy.  Fuji F10

Fall Out Boy.  Fuji F10

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