Sunday 13 December 2015

Proper Punk: Slaves in Bristol

Isaac from Slaves on stage.  Canon S120
14th November 2015

This evening we drove down to Bristol to see Slaves.   It was very nice to see a proper Punk band again.   As the first night of their UK tour, the atmosphere was awesome.

We were right down the front and it was rough; but it was just as bouncy at the back of the hall.

A good shower and a wash of all our clothes is in order now; it got rather hot and sweaty in there!

Oh, the music was fab too :)

After Note:  A few performances later, Isaac dislocated his shoulder crowd surfing!  We were lucky to see them after all as the rest of their tour had to be cancelled :(
Slaves.  Canon S120

Laurie from Slaves on stage.  Canon S120

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