Thursday 21 June 2012

6 months of Sun

Solargraph.  Golden Syrup Tin Pinhole Camera
21st June 2012

This picture is a slight cheat in that it was not all taken today; only the very top trace was made by the sun today and a tiny amount of the images of the trees and houses.

The picture is a Solargraph made by placing photographic paper in a tin can with a pinhole in the front and leaving it outside for 6 months to capture the passing of the sun.

The can was set up outside our bedroom window on 21st December 2011 and has been there ever since.  The lowest of the sun traces is from the 21st December and the whole of the Winter, Spring and early Summer has been captured.

The 'thick' band of traces in the middle of the arc was where we had decent weather back in March; there are lots of gaps in many of the traces though showing how rotten the weather of some of the weeks was!

The can now has a fresh sheet of paper in it and is already looking out from under the eaves outside the bedroom; hopefully the water will stay out of the can until December 21st when I shall post the next 6 months of sun.

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