Sunday 17 June 2012

Damoiselle in Distress

Eek!  Spider having lunch.  Nikon D7000
17th June 2012

There was much activity down by the canal this Fathers Day.  This Damoiselle fly did not have much luck, but at least it kept nice and still while I was photographing it.

The dog had a great time, including the obligatory swim and a brief attempt to roll in Swan poo.

Cooperative Damoiselle Fly.  Nikon D7000

Xena after her swim.  Nikon D7000

To add to the excitement of the day, the afternoon was spent helping to catch a swarm.   It was not the most convenient as it was around a post.

With lots of smoke and patience, the swarm crawled and buzzed its way into the box.

Swarm on the post.  Nikon D7000

It was entertaining taking a few of the pictures as the bees did not really want us there!

Hopefully they will settle happily into their new hive over the next few days though.

Bees progressing into the box.  Nikon D7000

Leaving the box for their new hive.  Nikon D7000

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