Sunday 3 June 2012

Hard Graft

Grafted Apple Branch.  Nikon D7000
3rd June 2012

Back in the Winter when I was pruning the apple trees, I decided to try to graft one of the better tasting apples (well, one I really like anyway) onto the Russet.

The Russet has fantastic apples, but very few of them.  As a result, the tree grows like topsy and is super strong.

After a few moments with a sharp knife and some Gaffer tape, I had made two attempts at grafting.

Sod all happened.  The Russet blossomed and came into leaf with two dead looking sticks taped to it.

Luckily I never got around to undoing the tape and binning the dead sticks; after a decent amount of neglect, one of the grafts has just started to sprout leaves again!   The other still looks quite dead, but I have my hopes up now....

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