Saturday 2 June 2012

Eggsessive and Eggciting

The current state of the egg mountain.
5x4 view camera, 1920's 130mm Kodak lens,
Ilford VC pre-flashed paper negative through
a yellow filter, f/5.6 4seconds.
2nd June 2012

The egg mountain is getting scary again.   I thought I would exploit the opportunity to not only have poached eggs for lunch, but also to set-up the 5x4 camera again.

It was not easy to get the line of focus running all the way along the eggs, but I managed after a few attempts (I must learn not to kick the tripod as I walk to get a film holder!)

Rather excitedly, I also noticed an egg-related visitor back in the garden again today; one of the young Blackbirds that hatched in the nest in the Jostaberry.  Its mum and dad were present too but they did not seem to mind me taking some pictures.

Young Blackbird back again.  Nikon D7000
5x4 camera set up for photograph of eggs.  Fuji F11

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