Sunday 24 June 2012


Buscot House.  Nikon D7000
24th June 2012

We paid a brief visit to Buscot Park this afternoon.  The weather was nice and the children cooperated.  The children fancied a swim, but I thought it looked a little cold so we decided not too.

In an addition to yesterdays post, I noticed while walking round that Buscot has garden gnomes too.  Their gnomes are a little more lifelike (and mostly made of metal), however they do not seem to be having as much fun as ours.

This gnome seemed to be reeling from the advancing Clematis; although it does look a little more like a scene from 'Day of the Triffids' than the bindweed in our garden.

Gnome at Buscot.  Nikon D7000

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