Friday 13 July 2012

Butterflies and Lenses

Butterfly.  Fuji F11
13th July 2012

I was very torn today as to which picture to select.  This morning I managed to find a butterfly that would stay still and have its picture taken.

I have seen very few butterflies this year, however there are a fair number in the fields on the way back from the school.

This butterfly only moved when I put the lens of the camera really close.  Flying was not a good idea today however if you are an insect as there were stacks of swallows swooping low over the field too; I suspect that many of the butterflies I saw this morning will be bird food by now :(

Later in the day, we had a rain shower followed by a burst of sunshine.   I popped out into the garden to see if I could catch a rainbow, but saw stacks of little lenses on one of the nasturtium leaves instead.   Given the propensity of sunshine and showers recently, I hope to photograph a decent rainbow one day soon.

If there is a rainbow, the only thing at the end of it this summer, is mud.

Water droplets on Nasturtium leaf.  Nikon D7000

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