Tuesday 3 July 2012

A Lone Monkey in The Pond

Single Monkey Flower Bloom in the rain.  Nikon D7000
3rd July 2012

A few of the blooms from the Monkey Flower in the pond have started to fall.   I plan to do a series of photographs of studies of single items for the days when it is raining outside, but could not resist the contrast of colours and the shapes of the rain in the pond today.

I took a few pictures of the floating flower, but typically, it was the first frame that was most interesting.   When I reviewed the pictures, the camera face detection indicated it had found a face in the picture.  It took me a few looks to notice the image had a serendipitous rain drop in the top-left corner that looked like an 'eye', with the flower forming the nose of a monkey and the ripples below forming the lips.  The ripples in the top-right seemed to be 'winking'.

It looks to me though as the face detection may have a 'gurning' mode if it recognises this image as a face!

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