Monday 16 July 2012


Discarded Pigeon Feather.  Nikon D7000
16th July 2012

The pigeons have been rather upset for the last month since I made a 'baffle' to stop them trashing one of the bird feeders.   They are quite capable of fetching corn off the flat bird tables, but would insist on landing in the Wisteria and reaching around to a feeder on the post.   Not only did they trash the Wisteria and a Clematis, but they could empty the feeder in minutes as they rooted through the wheat to find the sunflower seeds.

They have taken to running around on the lawn half a dozen at a time and confining themselves to cleaning up the wheat that the other birds throw off the tables.

The supply of food seems to have made them quite willing to discard feathers at a whim; there were quite a few around the lawn.   I rather liked this feather as the grass blades seemed to echo the vanes running along the feather.

All I need now is a reliable method for getting the pigeons in a state suitable to put in the freezer, ready for pies in the winter :)

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