Monday 23 July 2012


Peach.  4"x5" view camera,
salvaged 1920's 130mm Kodak lens,
f16 33 seconds onto pre-flashed Ilford VC
paper negative through a yellow filter.
23rd July 2012

In continuing the theme of a single object on a plain background, I wheeled out the 4"x5" large format camera this evening and captured an image of a flat peach.  I set the scene up on the patio and just used the open sky to light the scene.  I twisted the lens so that the plane of focus ran along the peach, but tilted the lens too so that the 'butt crack' part of the peach just entering the shadow was not quite in sharp focus.

There was a better peach yesterday which looked even more anatomically correct; it has been eaten though.

Configuration for photograph.  Nikon D7000

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